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This book clarifies the importance of training techniques and methods for those looking for a notable hypertrophic response during the body recomposition process. Too often, the world of bodybuilding and fitness has been the victim of myths or false beliefs; in recent years, with the seductive promise of achieving rapid results with little effort, high-volume training has, unfortunately, been demonized in favor of techniques that require very little volume.

While it is true that training intensity is a fundamental variable and it should be inversely proportional to volume, there is, however, a point of intersection in which we believe volume should not be penalized if we want to obtain results.

This book reports the findings of the most accredited research and the best scientific studies carried out on training volume and intensity, all of which have been enriched with personal experience and training plans.

This allows the reader to understand the fundamental aspects and significance of both the volume and intensity of training, as well as how to use them and, above all, how to derive the maximum benefits from these training methods.

Diet and food supplements can make a difference when you are doing regular physical activity, but you have to choose carefully and it is not easy to find your own way around the many proposals on the market. 

This book helps athletes in managing nutrition and choosing supplements that improve athletic performance, based on strong scientific evidence and in complete safety. It covers all the main types of physical activity, from the gym to cycling, from running to crossfit, considering also the needs of special categories of sportsmen, such as senior athletes, diabetics, vegans and paying particular attention to women.

Specific nutritional approaches, such as the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, are also described. 86 data sheets report the features and properties supplements that allow an optimal performance. Each supplement is assigned a score, to allow the reader to evaluate its effectiveness in improving the parameters that influence athletic performance (strength, resistant strength, mass, endurance, weight loss, concentration, recovery).