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The medicine Anti-aging medicine is fundamentally a type of budget based on the modifications of the style of life. The most important concern food, use of supplements, exercise and manage stress. These measures are essential to counteract the deficits that inexorably hormonal take place over the years, which result in organ damage. If the interventions on the style of life are not sufficient then you should make a balance hormonal with the use of hormones that bioidentical equal to those products from the body. That the style of life affects hormone levels far at a scientific level, but enough to mention the example of the inhabitants of Okinawa (island famous for the centenarian) accustomed to a power mostly based on vegetables, fruit, fish, Green Tea And turmeric whose values hormonal Enne of a 70 are equal to those of a 50 Enne Western. Without doubt one of the most important moments that mark ageing is menopause in women and l’andropause in humans. If the woman menopause is well defined by cessation of menstrual cycle, humans its definition is more vague but is now commonly recognized by the European medical and scientific. These events are associated with a net reduction of sex hormones: estrogen in women and testosterone in the man. The symptoms that are common man and woman in this situation are: a tendency to accumulate fat, fatigue, difficulty to sleep, depression, loss of libido. Normally these conditions will be in humans in the woman occur at horse between 45 and 55 years. To check if changes of the style of life could have a positive impact on the symptoms associated with menopause, and andropause had been set up the “menopause-andropause health study lasted three months where 51 people have joined a program which included a protocol multiple of style of life. At the end experiment among the participants have been tested on 37 parameters with a questionnaire. 37 these parameters were divided into 5 areas of greatest interest: 1) symptoms of menopause and andropause. 2) MENTAL conditions. 3) level of energy. 4) Percentage of body fat, allergies and digestion. 5) State of hair and skin. The Protocols concerned precisely power, integration, exercise and reducing stress. With regard to integration food I refer those interested Article “menopause and andropause health study published on my www.massimospattini.it site where carry-over all the food given during the experiment that here I cannot mention for space reasons. for feeding the participants had to follow these directions: 1) to eliminate the meat including the beef and chicken replacing it with wild fish of cold water (Salmon, Trout, sole, mackerel, sardines, squid, cod, octopus, halibut, sea bass, Mahi-Mahi) and with protein sources plants including nuts, soybean, Quinoa, vegetables, granted protein shakes with soya protein and isolated, serum protein lactose-free. 2) to eliminate the dairy products including milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, cream, and everything containing casein. 3) consume organic fruit and vegetables. Possibly 9 servings of fruits and vegetables and 4 servings of vegetables and whole grains. 4) Delete the wheat replacing it with rice, use, Amaranth, Quinoa, buckwheat, granted the bread of buds of whole grains and the bread esseno 5) delete sugar and artificial sweeteners. replace them with Stevia, AGAVE, honey integral, syrup of brown rice, sugar of kiwi. 6) eliminate the caffeine (chocolate, coffee, tea, Cola) and alcohol (wine, beer and spirits). granted the green tea, white tea Japanese.

7) Delete the carbonated soft drinks. 8) to eliminate the fried foods and tried. 9) Remove the chemical additives, preservatives, SODIUM glutamate, to replace the salt normal with sea salt and use the spices for seasoning foods. 10) Insert the following foods healthy: shoots, seaweed, onions, garlic. to cook use olive coir and Macadamia nuts. For salads use olive linseed, oil extra virgin olive oil pressed to cold, sesame oil and sunflower seed, and oils of nuts (almonds, peanuts and nuts). 11) Furthermore, the participants consumed about 3, 5 litres in the week of a juice-centrifuged of fruit and vegetables containing: celery, parsley, cucumbers, Limone, apples, broccoli, with the addition of limited quantity of carrots and tomatoes to soften the taste. The protocol of physical exercises included 45 minutes of aerobic daily to 70% of the F. C. Max and a training with weights for 30 minutes a day, training each muscle group of the body. Studies show that exercise decreases the frequency of “Caldane” and improves the depression by stimulating the endorphins and serotonin. In men is shown that physical activity with weights raises testosterone. Also a regular aerobic helps the body to their through increased breathing and sweating. Exercise improves oxygenation in all the tissues including brain improving cellular metabolism and the exercises with overload also improve the body only density-Bone by preventing osteoporosis. FOR THE REDUCTION OF STRESS were recommended at least 2 sessions of half an hour a day of relaxation techniques as: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation, prayer, yoga, autogenic training, listen to the classical music or walks. Also the massage is a good relaxation technique. It was also recommended the extent possible to act on behaviour stressogeni which excess work, relationships dysfunctional by purchasing a positive attitude aimed at overcoming the obstacles and to achieving this objective. The GNP (programming Neurolinguistics) in this case was strongly suggested. At the end of the study the most of the participants had improved in 35 on 37 parameters of the questionnaire. All the 10 parameters concerning the symptoms of menopause and andropausa were significantly improved and the 100% of the participants had improved in the level of energy and in mental conditions. In addition to evidence of the data paper all the participants have proved enthusiastic about their personal experience plotting benefits added as weight loss, growth of hair, disappearance of joint pain and improved self-esteem. Of course, this study is based on a protocol sufficiently demanding and is not enforceable by all. But by acting lifestyles can already do much for the aging less and better, simply remove the starchy foods and dairy products can already do much. 75% of the world population adult are intolerant to the dairy products and only in the USA at least 2 to 3 million people have a distorted sensitivity to gluten. Consume enough fruit, vegetables and food integral possibly biological agents to make at least 25g of fibre to day and the maximum quantity of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients necessary to counter the free radicals and detoxify the body, taking less possible preservatives, colours, pesticides, heavy metals etc… take a minimum of supplements as a multivitamin-multiminerale and separately Vit C, E, D, B-Complex, acid alfalipoico, Omega 3, acetilcarnitina, arginine (not scared but compared to the Protocol of the study are really “A MINIMUM”) to compensate for the deficiencies nutritional and stimulate the metabolism. practice at least 30’ of physical activity a day alternating activity aerobics the weights. If you have a platform vibrant also can be enough variation to the day in the place of weights. dedicate at least once a day a time for ourselves where we can relax. These things, I believe in reality are within the reach of all (just only want to do), are able actually to make a difference between a shorter life past to combat the degenerative and disabling and a life longer focussing on the quality.